Diamant is a new gastronomic space located in Andorra, led by chef Nandu Jubany. Spread over different stands, customers can progressively taste various products such as grilled meat, fish, seafood, cold cuts, smoked meats, salads, legumes, vegetables and a careful selection of desserts made by the I+Desserts team.

Our work was creating a sweet proposal that seeks the balance of traditional cuisine with a more modern, subtle and complex one.

For this project, we have created the recipes, the tools, tableware and packaging proposals, since the desserts can be enjoyed in the restaurant or taken home in a “take away” format.

Among other desserts, in the Diamant sweet menu you can find:

Tobleandorra: Our own local reinterpretation of the “Toblerone” chocolate bar, composed of a milk chocolate mousse, peanut praline and toffee.

Tartlets: with crunchy croissant dough, chocolate with hazelnut and apricot praline, lemon cream and Italian meringue or mascarpone cream and apple compote.