Pecador by Nandu Jubany

Chef Nandu Jubany and the event organizers “La Puta Suegra” joined to create this restaurant in Ibiza, in Santa Eulalia town.

For Pecador we thought of reinventing some of the most emblematic summer desserts, beach days, sun, bathing in the sea… Desserts with a clear inspiration in the recipes of the area and the "chiringuito” moment, so characteristic of sunny days.

Mythical desserts such as frozen coconut made based on a coconut sorbet scattered on the coconut “walls”, simulating its own flesh, accompanied by mint granita and passion fruit cream, topped with a coconut jelly.

We decided to create a menu that would combine fresh summer desserts, such as ice cream, slushies or sorbets with other sweeter options. Thus, in the sweet menu of Pecador, you can also find La Ensaimada: inspired by the traditional ensaimadas of the islands, with cream or “angel hair” but adapted for being a dessert. Made from a crunchy dry meringue with angel hair.