The Londoner Macao

David Beckham and Las Vegas Sands Corporation group are responsible for The Londoner Macao project, a hotel inspired in British culture and located in the Chinese city, which gives its name to this spectacular hotel complex.

For this client, we thought about reinventing some of the most popular English baking icons, giving them our own approach and personality. Desserts are characterized by visually attractive plating and flavors with both British and Asian influences.

Among the Londoner Macao menu you will find: Tea Time, which consists of a coulant with an Earl Gray tea ganache base, bathed in a chocolate sauce and an Earl Gray bubble served in a classic style tea cup. It’s accompanied with a tonka bean ice cream shaped as a golden clock giving contrast to the coulant’s texture and temperature.

Wimbledon ball: a dessert inspired by the famous tennis tournament and the characteristic strawberries of its placement. A ball imitating the one used in this sport, made from lemon meringue filled with strawberries, strawberry and rhubarb sorbet, painted with basil. All served on a plate that represents the playing court and a grid designed spoon as rackets.