Torrons Vicens

Torrons Vicens is a traditional family business dedicated to nougat. Our range of innovative nougats gives those traditional patterns an attractive twist.

We have worked together with Albert Adrià and by ourselves directly with them, in new flavors and techniques to reach them. New textures and colors which have meant a great effort in research and an opportunity for the I+Desserts team to continue demonstrating our innovative vocation.

Introducing new techniques such as the "Roca del Bulli" we created the Aire (air) nougat, made up of milk chocolate encapsulation and soft nougat “air” with salted almonds. A very light nougat, reducing its usual heaviness but preserving all the flavor.

We also created for the Gin Tonic nougats, made from white chocolate encapsulation with citrus and fizzy to provide freshness, and a “Gin Mare” (catalan gin) ganache. On the other hand we also developed the vermouth one, piña colada or mojito, bread with chocolate and olive oil, cheese cake, rice pudding, among others.