Cakes & Bubbles

Desserts and champagne restaurant in a hotel, in downtown London; under the direction of Albert Adrià. A unique concept in the city that brings together highly elaborated pastries, haute cuisine and an extensive and carefully chosen champagne menu.

With Albert Adrià we have rethought typical desserts from the British culture, giving them our personality. The sweet menu is designed in such a way that clients can taste various preparations made up of small bites accompanied by champagne. A wide range of desserts adapted for take away and gifts format has also been developed.

Among the desserts we have designed for Cakes & Bubbles: a Carrot cake, which is shaped like a typical Anglo-Saxon sandwich (dry carrot meringue, carrot cake sponge, frosting and grated carrot). Strop waffle: a version of the typical Dutch waffle, with a cream ice cream, speculum spices and a toffee filling.